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Keflavik International Airport is a Level 3 (SCR) airport. See IATA Worldwide Scheduling Guidelines.

Coordination address for SCR format message:

E-mail: scr@airportcoordination.com
The Coordination office is open weekdays from 08:00 - 16:00 UTC.
Phone: +354 425 6060
E-Mail: tt@airportcoordination.com

How to create SCR messages:

Information for Military Operators:
All military flights operating to and from Keflavik are required to have a Handling Agent before arrival.
The Handling Agent will make arrangement for fuel service, hotel accommodation, and inform of flight arrival and departure.

Requirements for military operators:
Submit itinerary to Airport Coordination including aircraft type, tail number and handling agent.
Declare any explosives or hazardous items carried onboard as that information will affect parking assignment.